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October 10, 2021 THIS week, our Gospel reading is from . Jesus is visiting Capernaum. While there, a group carries their paralyzed friend to Jesus for healing. Jesus is moved by the faith of the man’s friends and announces: “Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.” Now the scribes said to themselves, “This man is blaspheming.” For who can forgive sins or grant life but God? But Jesus knows their thoughts and challenges them to understand Who He is………..God in the flesh. Here we see, in the healing of this man, that God is indeed the One doing this, that this Man is true God; not only that, but God in the flesh. God is standing in their midst and they do not see Him! We, of course, know the rest of the story. We know that Jesus is indeed God in the flesh. We know that Jesus can and does forgive sins because He is God. We know that Jesus came in the flesh so that He could die for you and me and save us from our sins. The paralytic experienced double healing. He received forgiveness and he walked away. Jesus tried to show the scribes Who He was, and in their unbelief they couldn’t or wouldn’t see that God was standing and acting right before their eyes! Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me to see you through eyes of faith. Thank You for forgiving me when I sin against You and others. Amen.

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